Belén Varela

After a career of over 20 years, always flirting with the world of wine, which I never entirely left, and after the last few years at the head of a major Albariño winery, this new adventure has brought me back to my roots, in search of the essence and expression of a new way of understanding wine, a philosophy reflected in our selection.

This is a new and updated vision, which at the same time incorporates and reflects our wine-growing tradition, an ancestral rite and ritual,  familiar and intimate, which my family has been immersed in since the times of my grandparents.

With the invaluable help of my friend and wine expert Cayetano Otero, we are presenting a selection of wine that I am really in love with. To start off: Just B Albariño, elegant, personal, unique, the fruit of grapes from the family vineyards that grow in this beautiful and fertile land of the Salnés Valley.

Cayetano Otero

 My wine expert has over 20 years’ acknowledged and prize-winning experience both at home and abroad. He has made wines in numerous designations of origin all over Spain and also in other countries. I like how he respects the personality of each variety and how he manages to get the best out of all of them, while maintaining the unique and specific features of each one.

Together we set out on this new project, sharing our love and respect for wine – our way of understanding the world of wine, creating wines that allow the grape to express itself in the glass, to speak for itself and show its character and unique personality, and give us the best it has.