“A deeply personal white wine”

JUST B is a dream come true!

JUST B is a dream come true. The project was born in our heart; it is a personal, longed-for and different project. With this idea I would to present an elegant and yet at the same time daring selection, which sets out in search of an ideal by means of a wine. It is a way of understanding life, of sharing, appreciating and enjoying each moment.

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The story starts in the vineyards of the beautiful Salnés Valley, which covers numerous hectares, embracing and characterizing the landscape, a landscape of lush vegetation, delightful beaches and wide rivers. The region, dotted with vineyards, orchards and small farms, is the perfect place for growing the varieties that enable us to make our wines.

The Salnés Valley is sea and countryside in a harmonious embrace, a symbiosis that brews a climate, a land and a wine. The jagged coastline of the estuary, the sea running into the valley and endowing our vineyards with the gentle, kind-hearted and generous Atlantic climate, sheltered by the sea, a rough sea that sleeps in calm in the estuary. This is the perfect atmosphere for growing the best Albariño.

JUST B is born of loving care in growth, the selection of the grapes, and the careful process of making our wines. We take great care of the presentation, respecting our roots, and above all we love what we do and love giving you the best of our land.

The goal of our work is to make an Albariño that demonstrates its well-defined and unique Atlantic personality, and expresses the identity of the true Albariño grape.


is a white wine imbued with the sea.

Gentle like the climate that looks after it, pleasant and fertile like the land that produces it.

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Just the best!

Our land, our vineyards, fertile and generous, make JUST B a signature wine, authentic, unique, a wine that respects uniqueness and the varietal nature of our Albariño grape.
JUST B is grown in this privileged hideaway, surrounded by vineyards, sea and legends; a valley that endows our wine with a unique value, a well-defined personality, in perfect balance with the surrounding nature.

The Just b. vineyards are located within the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin, right in the heart of the Salnés Valley in the municipalities of Ribadumia, Meaño and Vilanova de Arousa. They are very low, less than 100 metres above sea level and are between 20 and 60 years old.
The training system is the traditional espalier, similar to a trellis and unique throughout the world.
The system has been adapted to high plant growth typical of our weather; horizontal growth and low planting density (around 1000 vines/ha).
This low planting density, together with an extremely fertile soil, means that the vines grow very lush.

The soil is of granitic origin and relatively sandy, rich in organic material and acids. It is quite fresh, permeable and deep.
This kind of soil favours a fine grape, elegance and a pleasant aroma.
The weather is Atlantic and temperatures are mild all year round. There is not much difference between daytime and the night (no more than 10º). Rainfall is abundant (1,250 mm per year) and very irregular over the year; most of it falls from October to March.

Just B is Just the best!

We have two goals in this proposal: freshness and elegance. Freshness in its fruity taste and delicate acidity. Elegance in the mouth, evocative and attractive. This is a discreet and personal wine, and at the same time it is daring, it has a powerful personality, it fills and takes over its own space.
For everyone who knows how to enjoy the pleasure of an exceptional wine in good company, at a celebration, with a good book … a wine that toasts enthusiasm and optimism.
No exclusions, no pigeonholing … this is Just B. Because you deserve no less!

And now… shall we raise our glasses?


Just be yourself!

Just B is committed to authenticity, and so proposes that you should just be yourself, a unique, genuine and unrepeatable spirit. Be yourself, everyone else already exists!
Break free from conventionalisms and Dare! Enjoy what is real and different. A different way of doing things.

Do you dare?


Una ocasión especial merece algo excepcional…

simplemente #justbyourself Just B reivindica la autenticidad, por eso te propone que seas tú mismo, y que le digas a esa persona tan especial lo que sientes… ¡Atrévete!. Disfruta con lo auténtico y diferente. Otra [...]